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The mature woman’s guide to flirting and success in love life

The mature woman’s guide to flirting and success in love life

Flirting is much more than just having fun and share things with others. It is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction along with proper words and body language. If you are w single lady with age 50 + flirting might be more challenging to you now, then how it was before where you were young. Times are changing fast and you shall follow some tips if you want to be successful and happy. What kind of tips you should remember, you might ask? Let’s check the list below.

·Smile a lot. Smile is your best weapon which can says more than a thousand words. Its ultimate sign of openness and friendliness while might be a sign of interests in someone special. Be polite to others and have that sparkle in the eyes while talking to the person you like. If somebody is smiling you back, you are on great way to win.

·Know body language. Showing off you interests while keeping body language is nice and effective way. Focus especially on playing with your hair a bit since hair is source of power and woman’s confidence. Some of women like to expose their neck or breasts. It’s okay but don’t dress too sexy, it might scare the guy away from you.

·Initiate the conversation. Don’t waste time for waiting for his call or text. Do it yourself. For sure he will appreciate it. Show that you are ready for a friendly and honest conversation to get to know each other better.

·Ask about hobbies and activities. Be specific and ask your date about what he likes to do in free time. Try to find something in common. This will create a strong bond between two of you. Propose doing some activities together.

·Pay attention to compliments. Compliments are something which makes people more close to each other. If your date is saying nice words towards you, don’t forget to pay back with a compliment or two. All in all guys like to be praised especially when it comes to physique appearance.

·Make sexual comments. If you are certain about liking your date, why don’t you make some small and a bit sexy comments? It’s a nice way to break the ice though if you see that your partner is stressed a bit. All in all you both are mature with a huge package of experience in sex life so there’s nothing wrong to talk about it if you both feel comfortable in this topic.

·Touch your date. Skin ship is a great and effective way to show affection. Gentle hug, holding hands and kiss will make guy turn on you and open a possible way to have sex.

·Be careful. Obviously there’s a lots of weirdo out there and it’s highly possible that you will meet them quite often. Most of them are not even worth your attention. Keep an eyes open to any red alert on guy’s behavior or the way of talking. At first it might be something innocent and nothing special which turn into a big drama later. If you don’t feel comfortable while being around somebody it’s better to cut the contact as soon as possible.

·Keep your privacy. Showing interests in somebody is a needed thing however being like an open book is a little bit trivial. Guys prefer a woman who is mysterious, sexy and intelligent. Of course it doesn’t mean that you can’t share some details about your life but do it slowly and gently. What’s more if you are cougar or have a proper amount of money, never tell this on the first meeting. It might give a bad impression on your from the start or the guy will date your money, not you actually.

Being a single lady is not easy in modern world. There are so many rules to follow to have successful love life however we hope that the tips we present above might come in handy.